Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Little Bit About the Near North Locavores

Welcome to our blog!

The Near North Locavores is a grassroots, not-for-profit organization that was started up in Feburary 2008. Our main goal is to promote local food production and consumption of the Near North region of Ontario, Canada.

We are a diverse group comprised of current and aspiring producers, people in business and health care, environmentalists, gardeners, people concerned about food security, and consumers who want access to more locally produced food.

In our first year we had a table at the North Bay Downtown Farmers’ Market, where we helped to sell local producers’ food, and distributed information. We will be back at the Market for the 2009 season starting on May 16th and we will be there every Saturday until the closing of the Market on October 10th.

We are currently have many exciting projects underway, including a community garden (partnered with Amelia Rising Sexual Assault Centre, North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit, and the Take Heart Program); a local producer database, and a partnership with Vested Interest to establish a central location to purchase local produce year round!

For more information, you can check out our Facebook group or email us at nearnorthlocavores(at)hotmail.com.


  1. This is so great! Thanks for directing me here. I'm buying local foods that are available here during the winter, like syrup, honey, and eggs (the latter from the grocery store), and I cannot wait for the farmer's market to open! Nom! I'll keep my eye on this blog for sure! ^.^

  2. Great idea and support for local food, producers and suppliers!
    I have added a link to Near North Locavores in the Living Local directory.
    http://www.livinglocal.ca and
    Wishing you every success!